If you stalk me on YouTube, you're probably aware that I created a web series titled 'Babies'.. Now there hasn't been a single episode in almost 8 months, and you're all probably wondering what happened.. Well, I'm here to put those (few since nobody likes Babies anyway) rumors to rest..

First off, behind scenes I've been struggling to motivate myself to animate a Babies episode.. If I even did come up with a concept for a new episode, I would think it suck and forget about it shortly after.. This persisted for months, and two episodes which had some footage done were ultimatley canned when I lost interest...

Another thing: I'm busy... Yeah, but I had to do finals throughout May and June, and then my parents forced us to move so I haven't much, or at all any free time at all...

Okay, now for the bittersweet news: A thing that made Babies episodes release very slowly was also because nearly a year ago :iconsparkarez: and I began developing the animated web series "Bugtropolis". That has been gaining all of my attention since december rolled around, and I eventually lost all interest in Babies whatsoever, because simply: the critics were right. It sucked, and Bugtropolis seems like a very good web series, and I am very glad to have co-created it..

So this means what you probably don't wanna hear: it's's cancelled.

While this may not mean I won't ever think or reviving the show, it just means it's done for now since I don't have the ambition or drive anymore to work on it...

Now that you know Babies is over, I dunno... watch bugtropolis when it airs soon.. I dunno.

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