Owen redesign
Background information
First episode ""The End""
Latest episode "N/A"
Voice James Adam (2013), Will Dawson (2014-)
Inspiration James Adam
Honors and awards None
Character information
Full name Owen Alexander Sobocinski
Other names Owen
Personality Intelligent, anxious, level-headed, caring, Resourceful
Age 11 months old
Occupation Main Baby
Affiliations Jessica, Computer Baby, Professor Baby, Jim
Goal To be an intelligent lawyer when he grows up, and to marry Jessica
Home Denver, Colorado, Washington, D.C., in the Dictator House currently
Relatives Mother, Father
Pets None
Allies Jessica, Computer Baby, Professor Baby, Jim
Minions Every human over the age of two
Enemies Old Man ScrapDoodle, Wally, The Knights, Zombies, Slenderman, Pony, Slaves
Likes Math, Science, Politics, Jessica, Law, Studying, Caring for people
Dislikes Jim being stupid, things going awry
Powers and abilities Intelligent, Resourceful, Good at problem-solving
Weapons Rifles, Laser guns, grenades, freeze ways, whips, time machines
Quote "I have NO faith left in humanity."

Owen Alexander Sobocinski, is Jessica's love interest, and the deteuerantogist of Babies.


Owen is level-headed, very intelligent, obsessive, anxious, and well meaning. He can get very stressed out or worried in certain situations, usually concerning Jim or Jessica. He is seen to be be the most intelligent of the trio, having common sense, an expansive vocabluary, the ability to have good penmanship, able to draw well, and has basic math skills. His love interest is Jessica, whom both share feelings for one another, and deeply cares for her, although he can get creeped out by Jessica when she goes insane over him. In a future episode of Babies, he is kidnapped, and forced to go on a date with Jessica.


  • Owen was born on January 6, 2011.
  • Owen's primary love interest is Jessica.
  • Owen aspires to be a lawyer when he grows up.
  • Owen weighs 15 pounds.
  • He was Jim's first friend, he became friends with him as soon as he began attempting to take over the world.


-Every Episode.