Jim Redesign
Background information
First episode ""The End""
Latest episode "N/A"
Voice James Adam
Inspiration Adolph Hitler, Napoleon Bonaparte', Stewie Griffin from Family Guy
Honors and awards None
Character information
Full name James Adolph Bonaparte'
Other names Jim the Baby, Figpudder
Personality Optimistic, goofy, silly, unintentionally mean, clumsy
Age 5 months old
Occupation Main Baby
Affiliations Owen, Jessica, Computer Baby, Professor Baby
Goal To be the world's best dictator
Home Widefield, Colorado, Washington, D.C., in the Dictator House currently
Relatives Mother, (deceased), Father, (deceased), Napoleon Bonaparte, (deceased), Adoplh Hitler, (deceased)
Pets None
Allies Jessica, Owen, Computer Baby, Professor Baby
Minions Every human over the age of two
Enemies Old Man ScrapDoodle, Wally, The Knights, Zombies, Slenderman, Pony, Slaves
Likes Helping people, being happy, enslaving people, being a tyrant
Dislikes Unintentionally causing harm, being bullied, misunderstood, being told no
Powers and abilities The ability to create anything with a magic copier machine
Weapons Rifles, Laser guns, grenades, freeze ways, whips, time machines, button that blows up the world
Quote "Anyone below the age of 2 is a stupid moron. Go die in a hole."

James "Jim" Bonaparte, is the protagonist of the series, and the main baby; the baby who has the most control of the world.


Jim is dim-witted, but means well, but causes mass-harm instead. He cares deeply inside for his friends Owen and Jessica, but has problems expressing his feelings. Jim is very goofy, and likes to slack off and make dumb decisions, and play with his best friend Computer Baby. He currently doesn't have a crush, or is in a relationship, but he longs for a valentine, as everyone he knows hates and rejects him, except Computer Baby, and Owen, and Jessica, to an extent. Jim is a communist and proud.


- Jim is five months old

-Jim was born on July 27, 2011.

-Jim weighs 12 pounds.

-Jim took over the world when his mom told him "No" for the first time, and subsquentially murdered his entire family, and took over the world, along with the rest of the babies in the world.


  • Every Episode.