Dictator House
Babies BG DIctator House Night
Type Government Headquarters
Owner Jim
Employees Every slave:every human over the age of two
Address 1102, Sparkarez Dr.
First episode ""The End""
Latest episode ""The Slaves""
Appearances 2

The Dictator House, is where every human on Earth lives, and is the main location of the series, and appears in every episode, except "The Aliens" (Part 1), and Part 2.


The Dictator House used to be The White House, but after Jim took over the world, he renamed it the Ditctaor House, and remodeled it.


The house's exterior is exactly like the White Houses', but with a yellow sticky note on top reading "DICTATOR HOUSE".


The house looks different in Episodes 1-3 of Babies, due to the series creator redesigning the look of the series, starting with Episode 4.