Computer Baby
Computer baby redesign
Background information
First episode ""The End""
Latest episode "N/A"
Voice James Adam (2013) Will Dawson, (2014-)
Inspiration Acesa Boyce, James Adam
Honors and awards None
Character information
Full name Plum Netbook UltraPro- Unibody- Model No.: Y-11-02-G
Other names C baby, That laptop
Personality fun-loving, laid-back, curious, full of joy and optimism, loves to help friends, play with them, and give advice
Age 3 months old
Occupation Main Baby
Affiliations Owen, Jessica, Jim, Professor Baby
Goal To be the world's mots powerful and slimmest laptop
Home Mugertino, California; Washington, D.C., in the Dictator House currently
Relatives ETv product line, EFone product line, Car product line, EPad product line, EPod Product line, Mack product line
Pets None
Allies Jessica, Owen, Jim, Professor Baby
Minions None
Enemies Old Man ScrapDoodle, Wally, The Knights, Zombies, Slenderman, Pony, Slaves
Likes Helping people, giving advice, building stuff, having fun
Dislikes Unintentionally causing harm, not helping people, hurting people
Powers and abilities Intelligent, resourceful, powerful, knowledgeable, fast
Weapons None
Quote "Hi, Jim."

Computer Baby is a recurring character in Babies, and is Jim's best friend.


Computer Baby is fun-loving, laid-back, curious, and full of joy and optimism, and loves to help friends, play with them, and give advice. He can get mad or sad occasionally, but he is happy in the long run. He is also a technical genius, able to create a portal into Minecraft, but is not a total genius. He is aware when his friends and family get hurt or mad, and while he does do stupid things sometimes, he doesn't mean to hurt people.


-He was originally a main character, until series creator James Adam was forced to make him recurring.

-He is a Plum Netbook UltraPro laptop computer.


-"The End"

-"The Slaves"