"The End"
Season 1, Episode 1
Jim Bonaparte
Production information
Production code T-11 02 1
Story by James Adam
Written by Max Jossselyn, Alex Rose, Caidon Lewis
Storyboards by No storyboards were used during this episode
Directed by Alex Rose
Broadcast information
Original air date May 9, 2013
Ratings 360+
International dates N/A
""The Slaves""

"The End", is the first episode of Season 1 of Babies, and originally premiered on May 9, 2013.


When Jim finds a magic copier machine that grants his every wish, he wishes for a button that would blow up the world. When he accidentally presses it, he and his friends Owen and Jessica have to retrieve the bomb from a mob of vicious zombies and disarm it.


Jim finds a Magic Copier Machine that grants his every wish, and decides to wish for the Button that blows up the world. Subsquentially, Jim is very tired, and, due to his lack of intelligence and common sense, he presses it. He then freaks out and tells Owen, who freaks out, and then tells Jessica, who calls Professor Baby to disarm the bomb in the button, to avoid causing the world to blow up. A bunch of zombies from Last year's Halloween Party escape because of Jim letting them, Jessica freaks out, and gets in an elevator, to escape the zombies. Meanwhile, Jim calls upon The Cyborg Teddy Bear to fight off the zombies, who kills all but one, and is sadly defeated. Jim then kills the last zombie, and then Wally appears, he leaves after Jim tells him to go away. Jim then attempts to disarm the bomb, but he is too late, so he turns him and Owen, Jessica, and Computer Baby into flower beetles to survive the explosion. He then resets time to the beggining of the time, so that none of the events of the episode ever happened. During the end credits scene, Owen and Jessica are seen berating Jim, as the episode fades.


-This episode was originally supposed to air on April 27, 2013, but due to uploading problems, and a dispute with Alex Rose, Babies premiered on James Adam's YouTube channel, instead of Alex's.

-This episode was completed on April 11, 2013, more than 2 weeks before it was supposed to air, due to James Adam rushing on production, because of Alex criticzing the long production times.

-This episode was originally 7 minutes long, but Alex Rose cut it to 3 minutes, claiming 4 minutes of the script sucked.

Cast and CrewEdit

- James Adam- All Voices, Animator, Lead Character Designer, Writer

-Max Josselyn- Co-Writer, Character Designer

-Alex Rose- Co-Writer

-Caidon Lewis- Co-Writer

Critical ReceptionEdit

This episode has been critically panned by viewers.