"The Aliens" (Part 1)
Season 1, Episode 3
Babies alien 1
Production information
Production code T-11 02 2
Story by Caidon Lewis
Written by James Adam
Storyboards by No storyboards were used during this episode
Directed by Caidon Lewis
Broadcast information
Original air date September 8, 2013
Ratings 323+
International dates N/A
""The Slaves""
""The Aliens" (Part 2)"

"The Aliens" (Part 1), is the third episode of Season One of Babies, and is the first two-part Babies episode. It originally premiered on September 8, 2013.


When Jim and his Friends are going out for Ice Cream, they meet an alien race that desperately needs their help.


Jim, Owen, and Jessica are going out for Ice Cream when a UFO suddenly abducts them. 


  • This is the first two-part Babies episode.
  • This is the final Babies episode to be animated with Anime Studio software, every episode after this is animated with Adobe Flash software.

Cast and CrewEdit

  • Caidon Lewis- Writer, Character Designer
  • Alex Rose- Character Designer
  • James Adam, Co-Writer, Animator, All Voices

Critical ReceptionEdit

-This episode has been critically panned by viewers.