"Slendy", is the fifth episode in Season 1 of Babies. It originially aired on December 31, 2013 on deviantArt, Newgrounds, and YouTube.

Season 1, Episode 6
Production information
Production code T-11 02 5
Story by James Adam
Written by James Adam
Storyboards by James Adam
Directed by James Adam
Broadcast information
Original air date December 31, 2013 (YouTube and deviantArt) January 1, 2014 (Newgrounds)
Ratings N/A
International dates N/A
""The Door""
""My Little Brony: The Fandom is Magic""
 This episode is also effectivley the series finale, as no further episodes of the series have been produced since.


Jim finds Slenderman in an empty alleyway, and he considers him a best friend. However, Jim is oblivious to Slender's attempts to kill him. Meanwhile, Owen and Jessica are worried about Jim, and try to stop him. The two are horrified when Slender almost kills him.


Trivia and Animation GoofsEdit

  • Besides some general animation errors, Jim has two arms in one scene while driving his limo home.
  • This was the final Babies episode to be released in 2013.
  • This was the first Babies episode to be produced by Red Mug Animation Studios, llc.
  • This was the series finale of Babies.

Cast and CrewEdit

Critical ReceptionEdit

This episode has recieved negative reviews from critics.