"Pitch Reel"
Season 0, Episode 0
Vital statistics
Air date May 19, 2013
Written by James Adam, Alex Rose
Directed by James Adam
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None "The End"
 "Pitch Reel", is the low-quality, crudely drawn and animated animated short, series creator James Adam pitched to Alex Rose to pick up Babies as a full series in January 2013, and was a minute, and animated within a two day period.


The plot is similar to that of "The End"s.


Jim presses the button that blows up the world, and subsquentially freaks out, and tells Owen, who freaks out, and is about to tell Jessica.


-This is the only Babies animation to feature Alex Rose as the voice of Jim.

-This is the the quickest produced, and most crudely animated Babies animation.

-This is the first Babies animation ever made.

-This was James Adam's first animation.

Cast and CrewEdit

-Alex Rose- Owen and Jim, Co-Writer

-James Adam- Co-Writer and animator, Jim

Criticial ReceptionEdit

-"Pitch Reel", has been critically panned by YouTube viewers, criticizing the poor timing, animation, art, and voice acting. Alex Rose almost dropped the series after seeing the poor animation.